"Star Tours introduces the perfect getaway vacation, with exclusive tour packages to Hoth. Now you can ski the most incredible slopes in the galaxy. Or if you prefer, explore beautiful and mysterious ice caverns and the famed Echo Base of the Rebellion forces. And while you’re there, be sure to enjoy an exhilarating ride on a Tauntaun. It’s all on Hoth, and it all begins soon, only from Star Tours. Watch for details."
―Hoth advertisement[src]

In 4.3 ABY, a new getaway vacation tour was being planned by the interstellar travel agency Star Tours. The destination was to be the ice planet of Hoth, with planned activities including skiing on Hoth's icy slopes, exploring various ice caverns as well as touring Echo Base, and Tauntaun riding. C-3PO, at the time working on preparations for the StarSpeeder 3000 Transport 22 when seeing this message, stated that he did not want to return to the planet while disparagingly referring to it as an "iceberg," with R2-D2 arguing that it had gotten safer since the last time they've been there.