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A Stormdriver owned by Zodoh the Hutt was destroyed during an attack on the planet Aquilaris Minor. In 1032 BBY, Zodoh launched an invasion of an area of space known as the Daimanate while its ruler, the Sith Lord Daiman, was away. Zodoh personally led a strike force in an attack on the Daimanate world of Aquilaris, inflicting heavy damage on the Sith forces before dispatching the Stormdriver to Capital Cay to use its moisture vaporators to drain the water from the bay in an attempt to initiate a storm which would flood the city and drown the surviving Sith. Before the Stormdriver could complete its mission, however, it was ambushed and destroyed by Devil Squadron, a unit of Fire Lotus-class starfighters led by Jenn Devaad.