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The title of this article is conjectural.

Although this article is based on official information from the Star Wars Legends continuity, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

This unidentified Sullustan was a male prisoner in the Imperial Correctional Facility on the planet Kessel, sometime during the Galactic Civil War. He befriended the Wookiee prisoner Gyylghrard, giving him several flimsis and a stylus to write a journal. In exchange for the materials he secured the Wookiee's protection from the other prisoners. As all other prisoners in the facility, they were treated like slaves and forced to mine glitterstim in the spice mines of the planet.

When the Sullustan ran into trouble and was to be made an example to the others, Gyylghrard defended him and was beaten badly in a lopsided fight, then thrown into solitary confinement for over a week. After the Wookiee got out from confinement, his Sullustan friend has already disappeared in the spice mines.


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