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"Sun Leader to Base, please confirm last transmission."
―Sun Leader to Control Aleph-One[src]

This Unidentified Sun Leader pilot flew a TIE Fighter and was the commander of Revos Spaceport's TIE Fighter group.


"Base, copy. Returning home. He had him, Base. Why the change?"
"New orders. Come on in."
"Base, will comply."
―Sun Leader to Control Aleph-One[src]

During Wraith Squadron's Mission to Storinal, one of the New Republic commando squadron's objectives was to steal four of Revos Spaceport's TIE Fighters, which were kept in constant readiness in case of an attack. When Wraith pilot Hohass Ekwesh strafed the spaceport with his X-wing starfighter, it caused an emergency blackout throughout the spaceport. What the Wraiths didn't count on were the two TIE Fighters, piloted by Sun Leader and his wingman, that launched and proceeded to pursue Ekwesh.

Simultaneously, the group of Garik Loran and Atril Tabanne managed to capture Bunker Aleph-One, the spaceport's command bunker. Pretending to be the controller killed by Tabanne, Loran issued the recall command for the TIE Fighters just when Sun Leader's wingman was about to vape Ekwesh's fighter. Upon landing their crafts alongside the other TIE's that didn't launch, Loran's deception was caught and the information was relayed immediately to Sun Leader and his wingman. They tried to relaunch their fighters but were quickly shot down by the other two TIE's; piloted by Wedge Antilles and Falynn Sandskimmer.


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