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"They're trying to show us what valuable allies they'd make. Troops galore, a Super Star Destroyer […]"
Leia Organa Solo[src]

A Super Star Destroyer affiliated with the Imperial Remnant was present at the Imperial capital planet of Bastion in 28 ABY, during the Yuuzhan Vong War. Along with a squadron of Imperial Star Destroyers, the Super Star Destroyer patrolled space above Bastion as a symbolic show of strength when New Republic representatives Leia Organa Solo and Han Solo arrived there on a diplomatic mission. Rather than landing directly on Bastion's surface, the New Republic delegates first boarded the Super Star Destroyer, where they were escorted to a luxury model Lambda-class shuttle, which then carried them to the planet below.

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Behind the scenes

The Imperial Remnant Super Star Destroyer appeared briefly and without name in the 2002 novel Destiny's Way, written by Walter Jon Williams for The New Jedi Order series. Destiny's Way refers to the vessel as an eight-kilometer Super Star Destroyer,[1] a description that, at the time of the story's publication, corresponded exclusively to what eventually became known in Star Wars canon as the Executor-class Star Dreadnought.[3] The Star Wars Legends continuity ultimately retconned the Executor-class from its original eight-kilometer length to be nineteen kilometers long and also established "Super Star Destroyer" as colloquial in-universe nomenclature to refer to multiple large Star Destroyer classes.[4] Given the story's implicit intention, this article treats this Super Star Destroyer as an Executor-class vessel.


Notes and references

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  3. At the time Destiny's Way was published (October 2002), Star Wars source material, including such publications as Starships of the Galaxy (December 2001) and The Official Star Wars Fact File 47 (November 2002), regularly referred to the Executor-class Star Dreadnought as a Super Star Destroyer or Super-class Star Destroyer eight kilometers in length. This specific combination of starship class and length never corresponded to any other ship class in canon. Star Wars: Complete Locations (2005) eventually retconned the Super-class Star Destroyer into the nineteen-kilometer Executor-class Star Dreadnought.
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