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"Uh sir, there are clones in the main hanger."
"Impossible. The probability of that is 10,003 to 1."
―A B1 battle droid and the tactical droid[src]

A T-series tactical droid commanded a Separatist supply ship during the Battle of Umbara. During the battle, three Umbaran Starfighters piloted by clone troopers Jesse and Hardcase and ARC trooper Fives entered the ship, as part of an unauthorized plan Fives had come up with to destroy it to cut off the Umbarans' munitions supplies. When the tactical droid was informed that clone troopers had somehow got onboard the ship, he ordered the ray shield protecting the ship's power generator be raised, preventing the clones from destroying it with their fighters' missiles. The tactical droid and his ship were destroyed when Hardcase got out of his fighter and threw its damaged missile pod into the generator, killing himself and causing the ship to explode.[4]

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