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"After our original delegate was murdered and Ulgo drove us back into this hole, I'd almost lost hope myself."
―Lord Teral[src]

A representative of one of the planet Alderaan's noble houses, House Teral, lived during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the resurgent Sith Empire. During this period, Alderaan, which had recently seceded from the Republic, fell into a civil war following the death of the Queen Silara Panteer and the usurpation of power by House Ulgo and its leader, Bouris Ulgo. The Republic tried to put an end to the conflict, sending Jedi Master Sidonie Garen to organize peace talks between delegates of the noble houses, with each house represented by a single member. The individual was chosen as Teral's delegate and was provided with a set of coordinates and a data spike, which would allow them to get to the secret meeting place by boarding a shuttle located at the coordinates. However, before the Teral representative could get to the shuttle, the individual was murdered. The Teral were left without a delegate until a Jedi Consular who was on a mission to find Master Garen took the title and went to the peace summit.