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This Toydarian royal guard was present during the Mission to Rugosa and was assigned to protect King Katuunko.


When the Toydarian royal delegation and King Katuunko arrived on Rugosa for negotiations with the Galactic Republic, this guard and his partner were surprised to find that they were getting no signal from the Republic consultation party. Soon, Asajj Ventress appeared with battle droid guards. He and his fellow guard feared Ventress posed a threat, so they raised their blasters. However, Katuunko wasn't worried at all. When Ventress was ordered to kill the king after he rejected Count Dooku's offer and chose to join the Republic, the two guards tried to defend him, but Ventress merely Force pushed them, subsequently knocking them unconscious. They soon awoke to find Ventress gone, and joined Yoda, his troops, and Katuunko in boarding a Republic gunship with a new alliance.


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