«You know why we're here.»
―Dud Bolt, confronting Watto[src]

A male Trandoshan served as backup for the Vulptereen assassin and Podracer pilot Dud Bolt. After losing the Outer Rim Regional Podracing Circuit to an amateur pilot, Bolt, the Trandoshan, and another Trandoshan, confronted the pilot and his team leader, Watto on the planet Bespin. When Watto attempted to talk the trio off, the other Trandoshan used a stun baton to knock the Toydarian down. Before they could advance on the pilot, the blaster rifle wielding Trandoshan was knocked unconscious when the Nosaurian pilot Clegg Holdfast threw a folded DUM-series pit droid at him. Before his partner could react, he was similarly knocked down with a pit droid. Bolt drew a blaster pistol on Holdfast, but was disarmed and beaten. Bolt retreated, while the pit droids sat on the unconscious Trandoshans.[1]


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