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"That was for my squad."
―RC-1013 after killing the Trandoshan[src]

A Trandoshan male operated as a bounty hunter during the Clone Wars, an intergalactic conflict that began during the year 22 BBY between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Six months after the start of the war, the Trandoshan and eight others intercepted a package that was on its way to the Republic's Supreme Chancellor. The bounty hunters intended to sell the package to the Confederacy on the planet Ord Mantell, but Republic intelligence caught wind of the operation and dispatched two squads of clone commandos to retrieve the package. Meanwhile, the Trandoshan personally held on to the package as he rode along in a speeder convoy. However, the Republic commandos attacked, and a firefight transpired across an Ord Mantell city. One squad of commandos was wiped out, and the second squad was picked apart by the Trandoshan's own three-man squad. Eventually, it came down to only the Trandoshan and the sole surviving commando RC-1013. Ultimately, the Trandoshan was killed as he tried to escape when RC-1013 struck his knuckle plate vibro blade through the Trandoshan's chest.

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