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"Last night, Trandoshan bounty hunters intercepted a package of extreme diplomatic importance, intended for Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. They intend to sell it to the Separatists."
―A Republic Intelligence briefing describing the Trandoshan's activity[src]

A Trandoshan bounty hunter operated during the intergalactic Clone Wars. In the year 21.51 BBY, approximately six months after the war's start, the Trandoshan was one of nine Trandoshan bounty hunters that had intercepted a package intended for the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. The bounty hunters planned to sell the parcel to the Confederacy of Independent Systems on the planet Ord Mantell. However, while en route to some Ord Mantel industrial yards, the Trandoshan and his fellows were intercepted by two squads of Republic clone commandos. Although the Trandoshan was able to kill three of the clone commandos, his speeder's driver was shot in the head by a sniper, which caused the speeder to go out of control and crash and explode, killing those aboard.


"I see the package. Second speeder."
"Good. Now we thin the ranks.
―A clone commando and commando RC-1013 prepare to attack the Trandoshan's convoy[src]
Victorious Trando Mercs

The Trandoshan celebrates his kills

A vest wearing-Trandoshan male worked as a bounty hunter[1] about six months after the start of the intergalactic Clone Wars,[3] around the year 21.51 BBY.[2] During this time, the vest wearing-Trandoshan and eight other Trandoshan bounty hunters intercepted a package from diplomats of the planet Malastare that was intended for Supreme Chancellor Palpatine of the Galactic Republic. Seeing value in the item, the bounty hunters planned to sell it to the Republic's wartime enemy, the Confederacy of Independent Systems, on the planet Ord Mantell. Arriving at a Ord Mantell city, the Trandoshans split up into three groups, utilizing three separate speeders that ended up carrying three Trandoshans each. The vest wearing-Trandoshan ended up in the backseat of a speeder with fire decals that brought up the rear of the bounty hunters' convoy. The Trandoshans proceeded to the city's industrial yard.[1]

However, unbeknownst to the bounty hunters, Republic Intelligence learned of the abduction and dispatched two squads of clone commandos to retrieve the stolen package the day after the abduction. The commandos set up a roadblock in the city, and prepared a trap for the Trandoshan convoy. When the Trandoshans hit the roadblock, the first speeder was destroyed by a commando with a missile launcher. As the trap was sprung, the fire emblazoned speeder's driver put the speeder in reverse and turned around, running over three clone commandos in the process. Before the clones could recover, the vest wearing-Trandoshan threw six live grenades at the commandos. A massive explosion occurred, killing the clones, and the Trandoshan triumphantly raised his arms in the air as his speeder sped away.[1]

However, his victory was short lived. A commando with a sniper rifle, positioned on a rooftop near the roadblock, shot the speeder's driver in the back of the head. The speeder went out of control and crashed into a large groundcar and exploded; the vest wearing-Trandoshan and another passenger perished. The remaining Trandoshans were also killed, and clone commando RC-1013 retrieved the package.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

A Trandoshan with green skin and orange eyes, he expressed a deal of triumph over his execution of three clone commandos via explosives by throwing his arms into the air as he watched the explosive result of his actions from afar.[1]


The Trandoshan carried at least six grenades with him on Ord Mantell, all of which he used to kill three clone commandos. He also wore a black vest, tan pants, and a brown belt. The Trandoshan also kept a blaster pistol in a holster at the time of his death.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Trandoshan was created for the short story The Package, which was written by Ryan Kaufman. The entire story was illustrated by the Fillbach Brothers, with colors provided by Pamela Rambo.[1] The Package was included in the compilation comic book Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Volume 3, which was released during March 2005.[3]


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