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This Umbaran lived on the planet of Umbara around 21 BBY during the events of the Clone Wars and was part of the Umbaran militia.


During the Battle of Umbara, this Umbaran along with many other members of the Umbaran militia fought the Galactic Republic Clone trooper forces sent to retake the planet.

After Jedi General Anakin Skywalker was relieved of duty and Pong Krell was put in charge of the 501st Legion, Krell ordered the troopers to take the Umbaran capital city and marched forward on the main road. One their way, two clone troopers stepped on hidden Umbaran landmines and alerted the enemies of their position. A firefight then ensued and many clones and Umbarans were killed. During the firefight, this Umbaran soldier dropped down from a tree in an attempt to surprise and kill clone trooper Fives, but the trooper managed to overpower him and flipped him onto the ground, cracking open his helmet with his elbow. Fives then grabbed his blaster and killed the Umbaran.