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"No juice left in him either."
―Captain Rex referring to the Umbaran.[src]

An Umbaran lived on the planet of Umbara around 21 BBY during the events of the Clone Wars and was part of the Umbaran militia.


During the Battle of Umbara, this Umbaran along with many other members of the militia fought the Galactic Republic clone trooper forces sent to retake the planet and drove an Impeding Assault Tank.

Later on in the battle, the clone troopers were planning to capture an Umbaran airbase and had to cross a narrow gorge to get to it. While crossing the gorge, this Umbaran along with a few others driving Assault Tanks crawled out of the ground, surprising and killing a large number of troopers. The clones then regrouped and used RPS-6 rocket launchers to take down the Tanks. This Umbaran's tank was crippled but he was still alive until clone captain Rex ordered his soldiers to shoot it again, and the Umbaran fell out of the tank. He was then shot and killed by Rex's blaster rifle.