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This Venator-class Star Destroyer initially served as part of the Republic Navy during the Clone Wars. However, it was captured and taken over by Separatist battle droids, who planned to ram the ship into the space station Valor over the planet Carida, which was hosting the Republic strategy conference.[5] The capital ship was taken to the remote world of Abafar, and loaded up with rhydonium fuel mined there. A team of Galactic Republic droids, D-Squad, wound up aboard the captured vessel after escaping Abafar in a transport the Separatists had been using to transport the rhydonium.[2] Once there, they discovered the Separatists' plot with the help of some service droids who had survived the ship's capture. As the other droids and members of D-Squad fled, R2-D2 stayed behind and triggered the Separatist detonator early, causing the Star Destroyer to explode in the Carida system before it could ram the station. R2 was severely damaged, but was recovered from the wreckage and rebuilt.[5]

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