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"Archer, this is Vee Prime. Spray a pattern of torps back toward the baby, we have a whole squad cutting out to go after him."
―Vibroaxe Prime during the Battle of Kuat[src]

This Vibroaxe Squadron pilot was a male Devaronian and the leader of Vibroaxe Squadron.


Originally a pirate group, Vibroaxe Squadron was hired by Warlord Zsinj to participate in a mission. Prime's unit suffered heavy losses during Zsinj's raid on Kuat; over 80 percent vehicle losses and 50 percent personnel losses. After the battle, he was infuriated with Zsinj because he led them to believe they were going to attack Coruscant. Prime claimed that instead of training against X-Wings and Y-wings in simulators, he could have spent the time he had in TIE Interceptors and TIE/LN starfighters. He demanded to be paid in material funds, not just datacards with account numbers even after Zsinj told him he would receive half of what was inside of the accounts the datapads led to.