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"Trista, instruct Volgh Leader to open fire on Sharmok seven-eighteen's ion drives completely."
Tenel Ka Djo to Trista Zel[src]

An unidentified Hapan female served as the commander of the Hapan starfighter squadron Volgh Squadron in the Hapan Royal Navy. Sometime in 44 ABY, Volgh Squadron participated in the evacuation of the New Jedi Order from the Jedi Academy on the planet Ossus, after the academy came under attack by the Lost Tribe of Sith. During the evacuation, Volgh Leader and her wingmate were ordered to disable the ion drives of the Hapan transport Sharmok 718, suspected to have been captured by the Sith. Volgh Leader's shots were evaded by the transport but was eventually hit by the lasers of Volgh Leader's wingmate. Rather than be boarded, Sharmok 718 detonated its stockpile of baradium and self destructed, destroying all of Volgh Squadron along with it.