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The Voice of the Emperor
Unidentified Voss Mystic
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3641 BBY,[2] Voss[3]

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Old Republic era[1]

"You search for someone. I know who. He came to me. Of Voss but housing darkness, like you."
Madaga-Ru speaks of the Emperor's Voice to the Emperor's Wrath[src]

A male member of the Voss species served as the Emperor's Voice, the host of the Sith Emperor's essence, during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. The Voice was a Voss Mystic, a Force-user who possessed powerful prophetic abilities, and it was because of his species's abilities that the Emperor ordered the Mystic's kidnapping from his homeworld of Voss in 3649 BBY. The Voss served as the Emperor's host body for the next eight years as the Sith ruler used the Mystic's powers to determine the future, but the Sith Lord Darth Baras was able to trap the Emperor and his host in the ruins known as the Dark Heart as part of his plot to usurp the role of the Emperor's Voice. Trapped within his host, who himself was unable to leave the Dark Heart because of the building's strange powers, the Emperor was forced to fight the dark side entity Sel-Makor for control of the Voice, and it was not until the arrival of the newly-appointed Emperor's Wrath that the Emperor was able to kill his Voice and thereby free his immortal essence.



Notes and referencesEdit

Black Zombie Brains

The Voss as the Emperor's Voice on his space station

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