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This unidentified Weequay was an employee of Barrga the Hutt, and served him as an enforcer. The Hutt crime lord sent the Weequay on a smuggling run during the Great Galactic War alongside the Nikto Musk. The two of them were escorting the Mirialan smuggler Hylo Visz to Corellia, where they were to deliver experimental ion engines to the Rendili Vehicle Corporation. During the job, Visz became skittish and attempted to bail on the operation, but was incapacitated by the Weequay, who struck the Mirialan in the face with his blaster rifle. Visz later escaped the ship, but the Weequay and Musk completed the job, accepting the corporation's payment in exchange for the ion drives. The two then took Visz's ship, the Crimson Fleece, but were killed when the vessel exploded. The explosion was caused by bombs the Rendili Corporation had planted within their credit payments, in an effort to double-cross Barrga the Hutt.