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"That's right. Wrecker here cut off the queen's stinger while she was still alive. That's why all those Yalvik males tried to eat us."
"Uh, technically they were trying to mate with us.
―Hunter and Tech recount Clone Force 99's encounter with the Yalviks[src]

A Yalvik queen came into conflict with the Galactic Republic's Clone Force 99 while they were on Yalvik Prime, putting down an insurrection as part of the Clone Wars. Wrecker, a member of Clone Force 99, cut off the Queen's stinger while she was still alive, causing several Yalvik males to try and mate with the clones. The clones managed to survive the encounter and travel to the planet Anaxes for their next mission, where the force's leader Hunter told the clones CC-2224, CT-5597, CT-6116 and CT-7567 about their encounter with the Queen.[2]

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The Queen was first mentioned in "The Bad Batch", an episode of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series. The episode was written to be the premiere for a planned seventh season, but The Clone Wars was canceled before it was finished or released. The unfinished story reels of the episodes were then shown at Celebration Anaheim in 2015, before being released on later that year as part of The Clone Wars Legacy.


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