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A Zabrak male served as a member of the Jedi Order during the Great Galactic War. This Jedi participated in the Battle of Alderaan at the height of the conflict, and engaged in personal combat with the Sith Lord Darth Malgus during the Imperial retreat from the world. The Zabrak and his comrade Vorin were killed during the duel with Malgus.

Battle with Malgus and deathEdit

As Malgus departed Alderaan, Malgus sensed the presence of a Jedi within a ruined city on the planet. Desiring revenge against those who had deprived him of victory, Malgus ordered his shuttle's pilot to turn the craft around and hover over the city. Against the protests of the pilot, Malgus leaped from the craft to confront the Jedi within the city's ruined streets. Upon reaching the ground, the Sith called upon the Jedi. A Zabrak Jedi came out from one of the buildings and recognized him, igniting his two lightsabers in the process to face him — making his familiarity with Jar'Kai lightsaber combat style apparent. Malgus rushed towards the Zabrak Jedi to engage him, but was caught off guard when his opponent used the Force to bring down two buildings (made of duracrete and steel) from the either side of the street on the Sith Lord in an attempt to kill him. Malgus was trapped under a mountain of rubble and used the Force to prevent himself from getting crushed. Dust made his already troubled breath more difficult. Malgus was so lost in his thrist for revenge that he failed to properly evaluate the power of his new Jedi opponent. With an effort of will, he contained his anger, controlled it, and made it in to a tool to sharpen his power. Using the Force, he blew tons of rubble up and away from him. It fell with a crash on adjacent buildings. Malgus jumped over the heap and landed on the street. The Zabrak Jedi was stunned. Malgus again charged towards his opponent and engaged him in a fierce lightsaber duel. Malgus unleashed a blizzard of lightsaber strikes, which prevented the Zabrak Jedi to perform any counterattack. The Jedi retreated before the offensive, desperately intercepting Malgus's blows. Malgus's lightsaber traced glittering red arcs through the air, and he continued to push towards the Jedi. His opponent continued to give space. Malgus soon realized that the Zabrak Jedi was actually baiting him.

Malgus augmented his Force sense and felt a faint sign of the presence of another Jedi nearby. This Jedi was hiding in the ruins and was using the Force to suppress his signature. Malgus unleashed a barrage of overpowering strikes on the Zabrak Jedi and performed a force-augmented spinning side kick to knock him out of the way. He then Force gripped the second Jedi, pulled him out of the hiding, and crushed his windpipe.

The murder of the second Jedi enraged the Zabrak Jedi and he charged towards Malgus. However, the Sith Lord unleashed a powerful barrage of Force lightning, which overwhelmed the defenses of his opponent and began to burn his flesh. But the Jedi staggered towards Malgus slowly under the cover of his lightsabers taking one step at a time regardless of his burns. Malgus channeled more power and forced the Jedi to his knees, who screamed with pain. Malgus's lightning spiraled around the Jedi, blasting dark holes in his body and his lightsabers fell on the ground. The Zabrak Jedi was ruined by his attack but was still alive. The Sith Lord took a moment to observe the look of failure in the Jedi's eyes, and then impaled him. He remembered his third and final lesson from his foster father — sometimes there was just an empty cage — while rejoining his forces in retreat.

Following the battle on Alderaan, Malgus was nursed back to health by Daru, but jaw wounds he received during the battle forced him to don a respirator mask, that covered his nose, mouth, and neck.