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Seven months after the Battle of Yavin, Imperial stormtroopers arrested a local family on the planet Zeitooine after the parents persistently defied the Imperial ban on independent publications. The family consisted of a wife, husband, a thirteen-year-old girl, and a five-year-old girl. The stormtroopers raided the family home and detained the family. The arrest drew the attention of a crowd of neighbors and bystanders including Thane Kyrell, a disillusioned TIE fighter pilot who had deserted the Imperial Navy.


This Zeitooine family lived on the Inner Rim planet during the Age of the Empire. The husband and wife repeatedly defied an Imperial ban on independent publications. Seven months after the Battle of Yavin, the local Imperial authorities decided to arrest the family. Stormtroopers cordoned off the house and used their blaster rifles to keep neighbors and onlookers away. One of the stormtroopers forcibly dragged the older daughter by her hair, causing her to weep. The mother pleaded for the stormtrooper captain to let them go in return for paying the fines or seizing their home and possessions.[1]

However, the captain was unmoved and merely reiterated that defying the ban on independent publications was punishable by indefinite imprisonment. Another stormtrooper brought out the five-year-old girl, who was so petrified that she was unable to cry out for help. When the mother begged the captain not to punish their children, the captain slammed the butt of his blaster rifle into her face, causing her to weep. His colleague then handcuffed the woman. While Thane Kyrell was horrified by the arrest, he did not intervene in order to avoid drawing the Empire's attention to himself. The incident unnerved him so much that he forgot to buy a new power cell for Lohgarra's ship, the Mighty Oak Apocalypse. The arrest was a prelude to a wider Imperial crackdown on Zeitooine.[1]


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