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"Get down there and find that Jedi."
"Yes sir!"
―Another guard telling this one to search for Anakin Skywalker.[src]

This Zygerrian was working as a guard for Queen Miraj Scintel around 21 BBY.


This Zygerrian along with a fellow guard were guarding the queen while she was going on a walk around the Royal Palace with Jedi Anakin Skywalker after she discovered his true identity and enslaved him. When the queen was informed that count Dooku was making his way to Zygerria, she trusted the guards to watch over Skywalker as she didn't want him to participate in the meeting. As the queen was leaving, the other guard hit Skywalker with his weapon and made him turn around. R2-D2 then saw this and bumped into that guard as a diversion, drawing this guard's attention as well and allowing Skywalker to jump down and evade them. The other guard then sent this one one down to look for the Jedi after which this guard was never seen again.


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