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"The queen!"
―The guard upon seeing Miraj Scintel on the ground.[src]

This Zygerrian was working as a guard for queen Miraj Scintel around 21 BBY.


After Separatist leader Count Dooku visited the planet of Zygerria, queen Scintel explained to him her ambitious plan to enslave the Jedi, but he was not, however, quite as impressed as she had hoped and demanded instead that the Jedi be executed. When she refused to give up Anakin Skywalker, the Count and Atai Molec, the Prime Minister of Zygerria, turned against her and she ended up Force choked by the Count.

Skywalker then entered the room to find a dying Scintel and confronted the Count who eventually overpowered him with his Force lightning. Immediately after, this guard and two others entered the room and were told by Dooku that the Jedi had tried to kill the queen. The guards opened fire on Skywalker but he managed to grab the queen and escaped in the starship Tecora.

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