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"Bossk-- his hands! They're chained to the wheel!"
―The alien bounty hunter, duped by Boba Fett[src]

An alien bounty hunter teamed up with a group of fellow bounty hunters led by the Trandoshan Bossk on the planet Tatooine in late 3 ABY in a last-ditch effort to steal away the carbonite-frozen Han Solo from the hunter Boba Fett before Fett could deliver Solo to Jabba the Hutt and claim the corresponding reward. However, Fett duped his assailants into believing he was transporting Solo's carbonite slab into Jabba's Palace aboard a hoversled, which was a diversion that allowed him to sneak into the palace unmolested. In the aftermath of that chase, after Bossk had downed the runaway speeder bike with a blaster shot, this hunter pointed out that "Fett," whom Bossk was prepared to kill, was actually a decoy.

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