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This alien bounty hunter was among the bounty hunters who had set Mari and a fellow Rebel courier as their marks. Boba Fett already having killed the other courier, this bounty hunter hoped to collect the bounty on Mari's head. The hunter assaulted Mari and a group of spacers, who were assisting her, in the docking bay where the spacers' ship was parked. The hunter sneaked up on the spacers and tried to knock one of them unconscious, but failed and was eventually defeated. It remained unknown whether the hunter's heavy blaster pistol saw any use in this fight, and the exact fate of the hunter was also uncertain.

Behind the scenesEdit

This character appears in Rebel Escape as a villain NPC, and serves as one of the obstacles that the player characters have to overcome to complete the scenario. The players may either kill or injure, or simply just evade the hunter. This article assumes canonicity of the successful completion of the scenario, but it is of course a possibility that the players fail to defeat the alien bounty hunter.