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A male announcer worked in the Taris dueling ring in the cantina in the Upper City of the planet Taris. He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.

Before the destruction of Taris, he announced the matches between the amnesiac Revan and Deadeye Duncan, Gerlon Two-Fingers, Ice, Marl, and Twitch.

Deadeye Duncan vs The "Mysterious Stranger"Edit

"But really, are any of us surprised? Deadeye losing isn't news. You have to do better than that to impress us Stranger."
―The dueling ring announcer after Revan defeats Deadeye Duncan.[src]

The announcer did the commentary on the first fight that Revan was in as the "Mysterious Stranger", which was against the worst duelist, Deadeye Duncan. Revan defeated Deadeye and the announcer told Revan that he needed to do more to impress everyone.

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Behind the scenesEdit

Since competing in the Taris Dueling Ring is optional in-game, some duelists may not be fought, if any. In this case, the announcer is never heard. If the character is dark-sided and player chooses to complete the dueling ring side quest, the announcer would announce Revan's illegal death match with Bendak Starkiller.