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"We have located the prince and have him in custody."
―The droid talking to Riff Tamson.[src]

This Aqua droid participated in the Battle of Mon Cala around 21 BBY under command of Separatist commander karkarodon Riff Tamson.


Nearing the end of the Battle of Mon Calamari, the Republic forces and the Mon Calamari seemed to have lost the war against the Separatists and Quarren, and the majority of the population of Mon Calamari, along with clone troopers and Gungan soldiers were taken to a large prison camp. The Mon Calamari prince Lee-Char decided to break into the prison to motivate the prisoners not to give up and to rise up against their attackers

However, the prince's visit did not go unnoticed and an Aqua droid spotted him talking to the prisoners and called for a back-up squadron which included this droid. When the squadron arrived, this droid told the prince he was under arrest, and the prince surrendered peacefully to the captors but demanded to speak to the droid's superiors. The droid then informed Riff Tamson that the prince was captured and along with the rest of the squadron escorted him back to Tamson's quarters.