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"Well, all right, then. Come back soon. We appreciate your patronage."
―Unidentified Bartender to Ton Phanan.[src]

This Unidentified bartender was a male Human who worked on Rojio's, a bar on the city of Hullis on Halmad.


"Wait, where do I sign?"
"Why would you want to sign?
"So I can put in a claim for damages!"
―Unidentified bartender and a Stormtrooper.[src]

During Wraith Squadron's mission to steal Victory Base's TIE Fighters, Wraiths Kell Tainer and Ton Phanan started a fight with a group of Imperial pilots drinking in the bar. The bartender pleaded for them to stop but was ignored; he then contacted the local military police via his comlink.

When the Stormtroopers arrived, they arrested everyone involved in the fight. Phanan offered to pay for the damages incurred during the fight, much to the bartender's relief.