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A Twi'lek city was located on the planet Ryloth. The city was decimated during the Clone Wars by a bombing run carried out by Hyena-class bombers on the orders of Techno Union foreman, Emir Wat Tambor.


During the Clone Wars the planet Ryloth was subjugated by the Confederacy of Independent Systems under the command of Emir Wat Tambor. The Galactic Republic responded by sending a strike force to retake the planet. When his forces were near to losing control of the planet to the Republic, Tambor ordered Hyena-class bombers to decimate all Twi'lek cities in range, with specific orders to target inhabited cities first.[2]

Clone trooper Commander Ponds approached this city during the night and made plans to assist the beleaguered residents of the city with any rations they could spare. As they neared the city, Separatist bombers dived on the city and destroyed it, leaving it in flames.[2]

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