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"That maniac is going to get someone hurt!"
―Holshef, as the bounty hunter chased after him and Merei Spanjaf.[src]

This male bounty hunter was active on Lothal approximately four-five years before the Battle of Yavin.[1][2] Yahenna Laxo, the head of the Gray Syndicate, sold the elderly poet Holshef to this bounty hunter as payback for Merei Spanjaf getting on his bad side.[3] When Laxo was killed by the Galactic Empire, Spanjaf tried to spirit Holshef off-world, but first had to deal with this bounty hunter coming after them both personally. They lost him when a paper of Holshef's poetry whipped up in the wind and blinded him, causing him to crash into a droid truck, which exploded.[1]

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