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"You two may not be as good as Boba Fett, but you've done well enough so far."
―8t88 compares the Tusken and a Gran bounty hunter to a more successful bounty hunter[src]

A Tusken Raider bounty hunter lived in the galaxy during 5 ABY. A member of the Grave Tuskens mercenary group, the bounty hunter was hired by the droid information broker 8t88 on the moon Nar Shaddaa to serve as backup and as a bodyguard to the droid as 8t88 held a meeting with former rebel agent Kyle Katarn. At 8t88's command, the Tusken Raider held Katarn at gunpoint during the rebel's meeting with 8t88. When the droid departed, the Tusken and a Gran bounty hunter prepared to kill Katarn. However, their prey unconsciously called upon the Force to defeat the two bounty hunters. Katarn left them dazed in a cantina as he went to pursue 8t88.


"Tell me what it is, and these gentlemen won't have to indulge their darker side."
"The Dark Side? I've been there. Do your worst.
―8t88 threatens to set his hirelings on Katarn[src]
Katarn in Trouble

The bounty hunter holds Katarn at gunpoint

A Tusken Raider male was one of many Tuskens to leave their homeworld of Tatooine and become a member of the Grave Tuskens, a mercenary group that eventually found service under the Dark Jedi Maw, an enforcer of the Galactic Empire.[1] Led by Rogg, many of the Grave Tuskens pursued Imperial endeavors on the moon Sulon[3] during the year 5 ABY.[4] However, the Tusken Raider opted to take his own path and became a bounty hunter.[2][3]

During 5 ABY,[4] the Tusken[2] was hired by the droid information broker 8t88 to serve as a bodyguard during a meeting with ex-mercenary and former Rebel Alliance agent Kyle Katarn on the moon Nar Shaddaa.[3] 8t88 also hired a Gran bounty hunter for the Tusken to work with.[3] As it happened, the Gran shared a history with Katarn.[5] Regardless, the meeting was set to take place at the Rimmer's Rest cantina. 8t88 arrived first and conversed with Katarn, who had sought 8t88 to divulge information surrounding the death of his father. Although late to the confrontation,[3] the Tusken and Gran arrived as 8t88 told Katarn what he knew: a warlord named Jerec had killed Katarn's father. At this moment, the Tusken slid behind Katarn and held a DH-17 blaster pistol to the rebel's head[2] as the Tusken confiscated Katarn's weapon.[5] 8t88 revealed that he was actually working for Jerec, but promised Katarn freedom if the rebel agreed to now give 8t88 information. Katarn refused, and 8t88 left the cantina, leaving his hirelings to kill Katarn.[2]

Before they could, the Gran tried to taunt Katarn,[5] giving the latter enough time to grab the Tusken's arm and slam him onto the bar table, which disarmed both bounty hunters. As they gathered their bearings, Katarn unconsciously called upon the Force and grabbed his earlier confiscated blaster and held it on the bounty hunters.[3] The pair was immobilized by Katarn's sudden trick, and the agent left them dumbfounded as he went on to pursue 8t88.[5]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Good luck trying to find him. This city is one huge maze."
―The Tusken Raider casts doubts on Katarn's abilities[src]

The Tusken Raider had gray-colored skin and black eyes.[2] Like all Grave Tuskens, the Tusken had removed the covering that otherwise concealed his face, allowing the galaxy at large to see him.[1] After Katarn used the Force to grab his Bryar pistol, the Tusken was surprised by the sight, and pointed out to the Gran how the blaster was moving without anyone touching it.[5] According to 8t88, the Tusken was not as skillful as the bounty hunter Boba Fett. When Katarn voiced his plan to track 8t88 down, the Tusken doubted Katarn's ability to do so, as Nar Shaddaa was a maze-like locale. However, Katarn had placed a tracking device on 8t88's leg.[5]


"Hand over the blaster. Now."
―The Tusken demands Katarn's blaster[src]

During the confrontation with Katarn, the Tusken wore brown gloves, a blue chest plate, and grayish-white wraps around his arms parts of his head. He wore a device over his mouth, and carried a DH-17 blaster pistol.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The bounty hunter first appeared in the 1997 video game Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II. The bounty hunter appeared in the game's second cutscene, where only the arm of an actor was visible. When gameplay started right after the cutscene, the bounty hunter was shown to be a Grave Tusken.[2] However, in the novella adaption written by William C. Dietz, Dark Forces: Rebel Agent, the bounty hunter was described as being a Rodian.[3] In addition, while in the novella and game the bounty hunter is knocked unconscious during the encounter,[2][3] he is only disarmed during the audio drama and is never rendered completely unconscious. A final difference between versions is that in the game, Katarn steals the bounty hunter's weapon and aims it at the Gran bounty hunter, whereas in the other two sources he uses his own Bryar pistol. This article treats the events from the novella as the correct depiction of events, but treats the individual's species as a Tusken Raider as seen in the game, since the game is the only source too have physically depicted the character.

The actor who portrayed the Tusken character in Dark Forces II's live-action cutscenes was uncredited. In the audio adaption of Rebel Agent, the bounty hunter and his partner are identified by 8t88 as "goons." Credited as Goon 2, as he was the second of the two characters to speak, the character's voice was provided by Bill Slichter.



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