"You can find water, can't you boy?"
Dass Jennir[src]

A species of bovid lived in the Wasteland of Prine. Their manes were red and several villi stuck out of their foreheads.

Jedi fugitive Dass Jennir utilized one as a mount after being stranded in the region after taming it through the Force. It was injured during the initial struggle, but Jennir managed to tend to its wounds despite his relatively mediocre healing abilities. After regenerating its strength with the help of his droid H2, who gathered plenty of green food, Jennir rode the beast into battle against the pirate band that had kidnapped his companion Ember Chankeli.

He later gave it to Maddie, a young girl Chankeli befriended in captivity. The Jedi instructed it to lead them to water, as he had initially found it drinking from a small pool. After discovering some, Jennir decided to head back to rescue Chankeli, who had been left behind during the rescue. He gave her the rest of the food, as she would be unable to eat the same stuff as the creature. Jennir instructed the beast to keep her safe and lead her home, which it did successfully.