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A bodyguard was employed by the Galactic Republic senator Bezz Drexx sometime during the span of an intergalactic event known as the Clone Wars. The bodyguard was the only known member of Drexx's security force that was not a Klatooinian. The guard worked on the upper levels of Bezz Drexx's tower, located on the Republic capital planet of Coruscant, and carried a lightwhip as his primary weapon of defense. During a party event being hosted by Drexx, the senator from the planet of Naboo, Padmé Amidala, along with an aide named Sheltay Retrac, infiltrated the upper levels of the tower to expose Drexx for his dealings with the Confederacy of Independent Systems. After gathering the evidence they needed, they attempted to escape, but Amidala was cornered by the brute guard. After giving her a shock with his lightwhip, she stunned him with a device of her own, which allowed her enough time to escape. After recovering, the guard gave chase, only for Amidala to evade capture by jumping off of a balcony.