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"Antilles, are you demanding surrender?"
"Negative. Here's the deal. You break off hostilities, we do, too. Go wherever you care to. We've won this round. Neither one of us gains from continuing this battle."
"Not correct. You die, we gain. Prepare to eat vacuum."
Implacable captain to Wedge Antilles.[src]

This unidentified male was a captain in the forces of Warlord Zsinj, commanding the Implacable, an Imperial-class Star Destroyer in the warlord's fleet.


"Captain, accept the commander's offer."
"You're only an observer here. You don't issue orders to-""
Baron Soontir Fel to Implacable captain.[src]

The captain was aboard the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Implacable during the Battle of Ession against New Republic forces. When the tide of battle began to favor the New Republic forces, Admiral Apwar Trigit escaped from the Implacable by flying his personal TIE Interceptor out of the engagement. Trigit left instructions not to surrender and the captain was left in charge of the dying ship. He followed the Admiral's order by rejecting Commander Wedge Antilles's offer to break off hostilities where both sides would retreat. The captain was determined to fight on and kill as many New Republic personnel despite Baron Soontir Fel's—leader of the Empire's famed 181st Imperial Fighter Group—recommendation to accept the offer. The captain proceeded to remind the ace pilot that he was not in charge and merely an observer when he was shot by Fel, who then took over command of the ship and accepted Antilles's offer.

Behind the scenesEdit

It is not known if the captain survived the Battle of Ession after being shot by Soontir Fel, as there was no indication whether the blaster Fel used was set to stun or not.

The man who shot him was actually holostar Tetran Cowall in disguise as Fel as part of Zsinj's plan to trap Rogue Squadron.