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"Cadets. What are you doing here?"
"We got separated from our group."
―Clone trooper Echo speaking to this clone cadet.[src]

This clone was a cadet and participated in the Battle of Kamino around 21 BBY.


During the assault on Tipoca City, this clone cadet and four other members of his squad got separated from the main group of clones. During the battle, the cadets stumbled across clone troopers Echo, Fives and 99, who decide to bring them to safety inside the barracks. There they are joined by clone marshal commander Cody and clone trooper captain Rex. Although their chances did not look good, Fives and Echo succeed in raising the morale of the young cadets, and 99 showed them the way to a nearby armory, where they re-equip themselves. Soon after, a platoon of B1 battle droids attacked the barracks, but the clones eventually managed to defeat them by having all of the cadets, including this one, hide inside the sleeping quarters and jump out and shoot the droids with their blaster carbines at the right time.