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"The guns are over-heating!"
―Unidentified clone tank gunner[src]

This Unidentified clone tank gunner was an AT-TE gunner during the Clone Wars.


This gunner was part of Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi's army during the year 22 BBY. His walker, like many others, was assigned to find General Grievous on planet Saleucami.[2] This gunner, his walker, and the rest of Kenobi's force marched across the surface of the planet until they found an escape pod from the cyborg generals C-9979 landing craft.[3] After finding a relatively undamaged B1 battle droid, Kenobi's army found Grievous and began to engage him and his small group of droids. A shuttle then came to retrieve the general but was unable to land. Kenobi ordered all of the tanks to fire on the ship. Unfortunately, the walkers main cannons started to over-heat as this gunner pointed out to Kenobi.[2]

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This gunner was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker like all of the clone troopers the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series.



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