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"Sir! General Skywalker requests your presence on the Bridge."
"I'll be there shortly."
"The General requests your presence immediately sir."
"No rest for the weary, put these inside my quarters would ya?"
"Yes sir!"
―The trooper and Mace Windu before his death[src]

This clone trooper was present on the Venator-class Star Destroyer Endurance when Boba Fett infiltrated the ship in an attempt to kill Mace Windu.


Blown up trooper2

The trooper dies in Windu's arms

After a young Boba Fett planted a laser-trigger motion-activated bomb at the entrance to High General Mace Windu's quarters, this clone trooper prevented the General from entering by informing him that General Skywalker requested his presence. When Windu stated that he would be a moment, the trooper stated that Skywalker's request was for his immediate presence.

Windu placed a datacard in the trooper's hand and asked that it be placed in the general's quarters for him. As the trooper stepped through the door, he triggered the bomb. The explosion threw him back across the corridor, slamming him against the bulkhead. Windu used the Force to pull the trooper through a blast door before it closed, though it was ultimately too late. The trooper died as a result of his injuries from the blast.


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