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"Anybody got anything?"
"Eh, negative captain. We've lost him. Wait...He's too...powerful. Hurry!"
―Captain Rex and this trooper.[src]

This clone trooper was part of The 501st Legion and participated in the Battle of Umbara, serving under clone captain CT-7567.


After the 501st Legion captured the Umbaran airbase and learned about the treachery of Jedi General Pong Krell, this clone trooper was ordered by captain Rex to captured the Jedi. He and a group of clones were stationed below the airbase command tower, and when Krell was overpowered and jumped out of the window of the command tower, he landed outside where this clone and the others engaged him.

Krell then managed to escape and ran into the forest but was followed closely by the rest of the clone troopers. Later, captain Rex contacted the troopers about the location of the Jedi and at first this trooper reported that they had lost him. Moments after, the clone and the rest of the squad were attacked by Krell and killed by his dual-bladed lightsabers.