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"Entry 78: By Lord Vader's orders, we are abandoning all non-viable subjects. We will have to release 1157 into the training facility to see if the imprint finally holds...I can only hope, that in these final minutes, my life's work is not in vain."
―The cloning technician during the Battle of Kamino.[src]

A male Imperial cloning technician worked in the cloning facility in Timira City on the planet Kamino around 1 BBY. The cloning technician monitored clones like Subject 1157, a copy of the Human male Galen Marek. Subject 1157 initially displayed great progress, and the technician was pleased to contribute to scientific progresses. The technician gave memory imprints to the clone. Over time though, Subject 1157's behavior became uncontrollable, and the technician feared that the clone would end in aberration. Later, during the Assault on Kamino of that year, Subject 1157 was killed by the Force-wielding individual Subject 1138.


Tfu subject 1157

The cloning technician kept observation logs while Subject 1157 developed consciousness.

A male Imperial cloning technician worked in the cloning facility in Timira City on the planet Kamino[1] around 1 year BBY.[2] The cloning technician monitored test subjects, including Subject 1157, a clone of Darth Vader's apprentice, the Human male Galen Marek.[1]

The cloning technician recorded observation logs about Subject 1157 during the clone's various development phases. The technician recorded that 1157 had become conscious and was physically stable, and explained that the clone was experiencing tremblings. During his 25th entry about 1157, the technician reported that Darth Vader was coming as a result of the success of the project and mentioned his pleasure at the scientific progress the technician was making. The technician also monitored 1157 while the clone, like his template, developed Force sensitivity. The technician gave the clone genetic memory imprints throughout his development. Subject 1157 was bothered by "hallucinations" and required systematic restraints to control the resulting tremblings. The technician, as a result, instigated new desensitization techniques. By Entry 65, the technician hypothesized that the clone would end in aberration due to the clone's unstable behavior, and experimented with new sedation techniques. He was unsure how to proceed by that point.[1]

Later, Kamino was attacked, and the facility was subject to an evacuation order. In his 78th entry, the technician recorded that on Darth Vader's orders, they were abandoning the non-viable test subjects, and 1157 would be released out of his tank to see if the imprint held. The technician expressed a wish that his life's work was not in vain. Before Subject 1157 was released, though, an individual referred to as Subject 1138 by the technician struck 1157's tank with a Force push, and the clone expired.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

The cloning technician was proud of his work and believed he was furthering a cause by the development of test subjects like 1157. The cloning technician was well-versed in medical terminology and cloning, although at he one time, in response to Subject 1157's aberrations, was not sure how to proceed.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Throughout summer 2010, the cloning technician was a character in the website for the LucasArts Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II video game before the site changed to an interactive database and removed the content he was in. The technician provided audio entries recording the development of Subject 1157 for viewers to listen to. The content was also accessible through Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II cloning tank website, and the last video is still active on that site.


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