Unidentified communications officer: "Colonel, we have a sort of strange transmission standing by for you…if you want to take it. It's a civilian who won't identify himself, says he's going to shake the armed services here until they crack, but it's nothing personal."
Sorrel: "It's not my husband again, another of his jokes?"
Unidentified communications officer: "Not… this time."
―Unidentified communications officer and Kadana Sorrel[src]

The unidentified communications officer was a member of the Galactic Alliance Defense Force in 44 ABY, serving in Starfighter Command. At the time, he was stationed on Skifter Station in orbit over Kuratooine. During his tour there, he was on-duty when the station received a transmission for Colonel Kadana Sorrel from a civilian who wouldn't identify himself, but said he was going to shake the armed services until they cracked. The caller was a disguised Turman Durra, a member of Wraith Squadron, though Durra was impersonating a long-dead Wraith named Ton Phanan. When the officer received the transmission, he informed the off-duty Colonel Sorrel of the message with a medium-priority tone, though he was puzzled by the message. She asked the communications officer if it was her husband playing another joke, but the communications officer assured her that it wasn't. She agreed to take the message and ultimately responded by flying down to the surface of Kuratooine where the Wraiths exposed the head of the Galactic Alliance Army, General Stavin Thaal, as a traitor.