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"It appears, Artoo, we've finally found something on this planet that's bigger than I am!"

Unidentified creatures, humanoid in appearance with pink fur, dwelled on Keeper's World and were a threat to any who landed on the planet.

Biology and appearanceEdit

A species of pink-furred creatures dwelled on Keeper's World.[3] They were giant in size, with adults easily reaching 15 meters in height[1]. The species was humanoid in appearance, with two arms ending in three fingers and an opposable thumb, and two legs ending in four-toed feet. They possessed three entirely blue eyes, two on either side of the nose, with a third centered in the forehead. They had a full set of sharp teeth indicating they were carnivores, and a thin blue tongue. They had two ears, pointed and set high on their heads. Their shoulders and upper back was covered with a thick ruff of fur, and their body was pink-furred from head to toe.[3]

Unidentified cyclops keepers world

The cyclops variant of the Keeper's World creature

Another similar species had dwelled on the planet in the past, similar save that it only had one visible eye in the center of its forehead, no thick ruff of fur about the shoulders, and only two fingers and an opposable thumb. This variation might have been a subspecies, or some sort of variation within the species.[4]

Behavior and intelligenceEdit

The creatures were carnivorous. The adult creatures were so large that they required large prey, but the smaller juveniles often considered human-sized creatures fit for eating. The adults showed little patience for such activity, and would often discourage the juveniles from chasing after prey the adult deemed insignificant. Despite this, the creature was often aggressive toward any outside creatures. The creatures displayed no fear of fire.

A strong family bond existed between parent and child. Although the juveniles might wander far and hunt on their own, when together the parent would train juveniles in proper behavior, and watch over them. While this social behavior showed some degree of intelligence, it did not appear to approach true sentience.[3]


The Keeper had complete control over Keeper's World, and was charged with repairing the damage to that world for the return of the Keeper's makers. In order to keep alien visitors from interrupting her work, the Keeper made her world deliberately hostile to outsiders. The carnivorous humanoids were part of that hostility. The Keeper did not divulge whether it had created the creatures directly, or whether they had arisen naturally in the environment the Keeper had developed. The Keeper revealed that the one-eyed variation of the humanoids had frightened explorers landing on the planet at least once before the events of the Battle of The Keeper's World.[4]

During the Battle of The Keeper's World a Rebel force consisting of Princess Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker, C-3PO, and R2-D2 crashed on Keeper's World while fleeing the forces of the Galactic Empire. A juvenile creature attacked them, and was stopped when R2-D2 woke up its mother, who felt the humans were too small a meal for her child to bother with.[3]


Notes and referencesEdit

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