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A female member of the Chadra-Fan species visited the Grand Terminal spaceport on the planet Junction at an age where she was considered elderly and had a stooped posture. Whilst at the spaceport she used a repulsorcart to transport her luggage around, however the device was in poor repair and its repulsors often gave out resulting in the cart sinking to the floor. The Chadra-Fan also guided the cart at a very slow speed which lead to the device going into stand by mode and stopping regularly. When the Chadra-Fan attempted to guide the repulsorcart up a large set of stairs in the Terminal the cart began to emit a loud whining sound and two thirds of the way up the repulsors gave out entirely.[1]

As the repulsors on the cart gave out several spacers aided the Chadra-Fan in getting the cart up the remaining steps.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Chadra-Fan first appeared in the 2003 Star Wars Roleplaying Game adventure Zygerrian Takedown which was released online by Wizards of the Coast and designed by Jason Fry. The adventure text describes the Chadra-Fan being in the spaceport at the same time as the players, who are waiting to ambush a courier, and gives them the option to help her. Helping her however is entirely optional and is set to happen just before the courier arrives, potentially resulting in the Chadra-Fan getting caught in the conflict. This article assumes that the players chose to aid the Chadra-Fan prior to ambushing the courier.


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