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"Listen, you must go. It's time for you to leave."
"But where? Where can we go?"
"Wherever you want—someplace safe. Take those ships. Make new lives for yourselves… far away from here."
―Jedi Knight Dass Jennir and an enslaved Nosaurian discuss the options of the newly freed Nosaurians and Chubbits on a moon of Telerath[src]

A Nosaurian wearing a coat was among several captives kept enslaved by a gang of T'surri spice runners on one of the moons of the planet Telerath. When rogue Jedi Knight Dass Jennir infiltrated the slave camp, the Human defeated the T'surri slavers and freed their prisoners, a mixed group of Nosaurians and Chubbits, urging them to flee. The Nosaurian wearing the heavy coat asked the Jedi where they should go. He simply told them to make a new life somewhere far away.[1]

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