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"Be careful! How would it look to Lord Farfalla if his envoy were killed?"
―The envoy greets Petja[src]

A winged female envoy in the service of Jedi Lord Valenthyne Farfalla during the Ruusan campaign against the Sith Brotherhood of Darkness. The charismatic Farfalla had departed Ruusan to recruit more Jedi to join Lord Hoth's Army of Light. He returned to the planet with three hundred Knights ands soldiers, including the Envoy, only to find Hoth resentful of the long absence. When a stalemate occurred between the two Jedi, the Envoy used her own initiative to present an apology to Hoth, thus restoring the relationship between the two parties. She then fought in a number of battles on Ruusan, which eventually saw the defeat of the Brotherhood.


"One day…one day I'll pluck every one of your feathers and tickle you with them!"
―Lord Farfalla to the Envoy[src]

The Envoy was a member of a winged species during the years of the Republic Dark Age. She was one of three hundred soldiers recruited by the charismatic Jedi Lord Valenthyne Farfalla to join Lord Hoth's forces on Ruusan,[1] a planet in the Teraab sector of the Mid Rim.[2] Lord Hoth had assembled a large force of Jedi and soldiers known as the Army of Light, and was engaged in a drawn out campaign against the forces of the Sith Brotherhood of Darkness.[1] Reaching a stalemate, Lord Farfalla had volunteered to recruit more Jedi Knights to aid their Army.[3]


The envoy brings her message to Lord Hoth.

The envoy and the other Knights were part of a flotilla, containing a number of Galactic Republic gunships spearheaded by Farfalla's flagship, the Fairwind.[3] Together, they defeated the treacherous Lahzar, before returning to the Ruusan system,[1] where they were faced with a Sith blockade.[3] The Knights were able to rescue the Army of Light from Sith speeders by making a daring salvo from the Fairwind. However, they received a hostile reception from Lord Hoth who was still bitter about his many losses against the Sith. He blamed Farfalla for arriving too late, a complaint deriving from his long rivalry and dislike of Farfalla.[1]

This led to a stalemate between the two parties, with both the Jedi Lords refusing each other's help. Seeing that Lord Hoth's forces were walking into a trap and that her Lord was too stubborn to help, the envoy took matters into her own hands. Flying to the Army of Light, she claimed to bring a message from Lord Farfalla. Along with military information gathered on Hoth's forces, she brought an "apology" from Farfalla.[1] Hoth himself had received a vision of his close friend Petja the night prior, and awoke determined to repair his rift with Farfalla.[3] Hoth received the apology, believing it to be sincere, and reciprocated.[1]

Returning to the Fairwind, the envoy delivered Hoth's apology. Farfalla temporarily believed it, before, much amused, seeing through it. Nevertheless, he engaged the Sith forces, overwhelming them in the Seventh Battle of Ruusan, while Hoth went to engage Lord Skere Kaan in a cave system. When Kaan unleashed his thought bomb, wiping out Hoth's forces, the envoy survived, having retreated with the rest of the Knights from the range of the bomb.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Envoy long

The envoy.

The envoy was a female of a species with both humanoid and avian characteristics. Her upper limbs were wings covered with brown feathers, fully capable of flying—her primary form of locomotion. Her lower limbs were also avian and were able to grasp and manipulate items. The Envoy was very agile, able to pluck arrows out of the air, as occurred when Petja accidentally shot at her. She had two small horns on her forehead, with long flame-red hair and red eyes.[1]

The envoy typically wore a gold earring in her pointed humanoid ears and wore a tunic colored in the red and gold livery common among Farfalla's forces. She utilized the conventional weaponry of common folk, wielding a short sword during the battle. The envoy was on good personal terms with Farfalla, and had initiative enough to seek a solution to the stalemate between Farfalla and Hoth, without seeking permission from her Lord.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The envoy was created for the Dark Horse comic Star Wars: Jedi vs. Sith, appearing in issues #5 and #6. The comic, written by Darko Macan and pencilled by Ramón F. Bachs, was released in 2001. However, she went unnamed in both of these issues. The envoy again appeared in Path of Destruction (2006) written by Drew Karpyshyn, and possibly Rule of Two (2007). In Path of Destruction, Karpyshyn rewrote some of the events depicted in Jedi vs. Sith, although none of the scenes involving the envoy's role directly contradict the comic, instead adding in Hoth's personal revelation prior to his encounter with the envoy.


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