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Ramid Twilek pilot

Ramid's Twi'lek pilot

An unidentified female Twi'lek worked as a pilot aboard the spacer Ramid's starship around 139 ABY. She had two lekkus and had green skin. That years, she took part in the kidnapping of Ania Solo, Ramid's estranged former flame who was wanted by the Galactic Federation Triumvirate for the murder of Teemen Alton, an Imperial Knight. Later, when Ania managed to overpower her Nikto crew mate, she managed to restrain Ania by knocking her rod from her hand with a blaster rifle. Ramid then led Ania back to her cell.

Later, the Twi'lek pilot flew the starship to a remote star system. Running short of fuel, they decided to land on a small outpost on the fourth planet there, which rained acid and glass. While entering the planet's atmosphere, Ramid's starship was attacked by another bounty hunter, who piloted a TIE/sa bomber. During the pursuit, the Twi'lek pilot was killed, forcing Ramid to summon his estranged former flame Ania for help.