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"The kids devoured their cakes in short order, and I heard the lead female of the Wookiee gang softly growl the melody to the traditional hymn "Tree of Life.""
Gyylghrard, shortly before the Life Day Massacre.[src]

This unidentified prisoner was a female Wookiee who was sent to the Imperial Correctional Facility a few years before the Galactic Civil War. Even though she was young for Wookiee standards, she became the leader of the group comprised of other young Wookiee prisoners.

During an improvised Life Day celebration in the prison, which was arranged by the old Wookiee prisoner Gyylghrard, the female Wookiee led the others in singing the traditional hymn Tree of Life. When the part came where the prisoners ignited their candles with their issued sparksticks, the Wookiees used the incendiary device to overload their electronic shackles instead. Free of their restraints, the young Wookiees, joined by the other prisoners, staged a riot against the guards. They managed to reach the prison's landing bays before a squad of stormtroopers blocked their escape, bringing them down in a hail of blaster fire. None of the young prisoners survived in what was called the Life Day Massacre.