―A B1 battle droid warning two Jedi to run from a pack of nogs[src]

Green quadrupeds were creatures who inhabited a swampy planet that was visited by the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker sometime during the Clone Wars, an intergalactic war that started during 22 BBY. The creatures generally lived in packs, and they were known to continuously make a sound that sounded like "nog" over and over again.


Native to a swampy planet located somewhere in the galaxy, the creatures were large quadrupedal predators that lived in large packs. Carnivores, they hunted any prey smaller than themselves, such as Humans, and would only give up chase if they managed to encounter an unavoidable obstacle, such as a deep ravine. They were also were known to chase down droids, though whether or not droids acted as an actual source of nutrition for the creatures is uncertain. The quadrupeds were also known to continuously bark noises that sounded like "nog." They had green skin and large yellow-green eyes. They moved about on four large limbs, though they could also run solely on their hind legs for a short duration. Their forelimbs could grasp things, do to an opposable thumb. The animals also had a mouthful of sharp pointed teeth. Their bodies were completely hairless.[1]


Nog 2

One of the creatures breaks through a log stretched over a chasm

During an intergalactic war that started during 22 BBY that came to be known as the Clone Wars,[2] a warring faction known as the Confederacy of Independent Systems attempted to build a base of operations on the planet. At some point, a B1 battle droid was separated from the rest of the Confederate force, being relentlessly pursued by a pack of the creatures. During this time, two Jedi Knights, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, arrived on the planet to scout the planet for Confederate activity. The droid encountered them and hastily told them to run. The Jedi, perplexed, stared after the droid as the creatures advanced behind them.[1]

Upon sighting the Jedi, the creatures ignored the droid and gave chase to the organics instead. After several failed escape attempts from the creatures, the Jedi came too a deep ravine, which they crossed thanks to a massive tree trunk that had fallen across. One of the quadrupeds attempted to pursue them over the trunk, running a short distance on its hind legs alone, but its weight didn't hold and the trunk snapped, sending the creature to its death below. The rest of the pack remained on the side of the ravine opposite of the Jedi, and eventually departed.[1]

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The creatures first appeared in the short story Creature Comfort, one of four stories compiled into the seventh volume of the Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures trade paperback series. Creature Comfort was written and illustrated by Matthew and Shawn Fillbach. The comic was colored by Ronda Pattison.[1] In the comic book Jabba the Hutt: The Dynasty Trap, predators named nogs are mentioned as being creature from the planet Smarteel.[3] In Comfort, the name of the planet is never revealed. The creatures in this article constantly make a "nog" noise, though it is unknown whether the creature in this article is in fact a true nog.[1]


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