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"I've often wondered if your clientele all subscribe to the same service—the one listing the most disgusting and disreputable places in the galaxy to meet."
I-5YQ to Lorn Pavan, upon entering the establishment.[src]

A holobooth provider existed in the Zi-Kree Sector of Coruscant, in the Underlevels. Its proprietor was a balding Human male.


The entrance to the establishment was located on a poorly-lit dead-end street in the Zi-Kree Sector. Just inside was a lobby with an old plasteel ticket booth where clients could pay to use one of the establishment's at least nine holobooths. The cost for the use of one of these booths was one credit per half hour of use. While droids were allowed in the booths, a release form was required to be signed first.

The booths themselves contained a contour couch facing a holoprojector. They were large enough to hold as many as four beings, but barely. Each booth had a door separating it from the lobby that could be opened with the wave of a hand over a sensor plate.


In 32 BBY, Lorn Pavan, I-5YQ, and Zippa, as well as Zippa's bodyguard, Bilk, met in booth nine in order to negotiate the purchase of a Jedi Holocron from Zippa. After selling the Holocron to Pavan, however, Zippa betrayed Pavan and I-5YQ and took the Holocron, as well as Pavan's credit bills. He left the building after giving Bilk instructions to kill Pavan and I-5YQ. The droid, however, used Bilk's own blaster to kill Bilk, and the pair escaped from the building.