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"We're no longer slaves. Everyone, fight for your freedom!"
―The unidentified female, to her fellow slaves[src]

About five years before the Battle of Yavin, a female human slave was part of a slave empire of a Zygerrian named MaDall. As such, the human was forced to work in a quarry, under the surveillance of several Falleen taskmasters. One day, she met Sabine Wren, a Mandalorian weapons expert who had allowed herself to be captured as a slave. After witnessing Wren's rebellious behavior toward MaDall's taskmasters, the human slave decided to take her fate into her own hands. Using a rock, she knocked one of the Falleen unsconscious, and took hold of his shock whip. With that weapon, she managed to deactivate her shock collar, and started helping the other slaves to get rid of their own. The rest of the Falleen brutes attempted to quell the female human's actions, but many slaves were now free of their collars thanks to her, and she urged them all to fight for their freedom by throwing rocks. In the mean time, Wren was inside MaDall's private quarters, confronting the Zygerrian. Eventually, the female human and her fellow slaves blasted their way into MaDall's room. The informal leader of the slave rebellion ordered her comrades to get MaDall so she could be brought to justice. However, only Sabine Wren was able to defeat the Zygerrian and get her to surrender.[1]


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