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This unidentified moon was a world described as being in the "middle of nowhere."


K'Kruhk Jedi camp

The Jedi camp on the moon.

This moon was the only habitable world in the system. The moon was covered by rainforests and jungles and had a breathable atmosphere. It was home to several animal species but not to sentient species.


In 19 BBY, the Jedi Master K'Kruhk, the Padawan Chase Piru and the younglings of the Soaring Hawkbat Clan came to the moon following the execution of Order 66 on Bogden 3. They crash landed on their Theta-class shuttle.

K'kruhk darktimes

K'Kruhk on the moon.

Two months later, the pirate Lumbra and his crew also crash landed on the world after their starship was damaged, including their drive unit, and they searched for parts in the Jedi's own wreck. After Lumbra discovered the younglings were Jedi, though, they captured them and intended to collect their bounty from the new Galactic Empire. Piru, who had been critically injured, was healed by K'Kruhk and the two then attacked the pirates, rescuing the younglings. K'Kruhk, however, did not act Jedi-like, and, out of fear of being a constant reminder to the younglings for his actions, promised to take them off the moon as soon as he could.